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The Bachelorette - Week 8

Sorry ya'll but this week is a bit crazy for me, so this will be a quick recap!

First off, Luke's breakup was hilarious. He couldn't have been more shocked and Jojo couldn't have been more upset. If i were going to be that upset letting someone go, I think I wouldn't have done it. To me it feels like production pushing her to not give him a rose so he can be set up as the next Bachelor. It really didn't seem like she wanted to cut him there. You can feel the connection they have and you don't feel the same with Chase. She was using the excuse that he hadn't expressed his feelings sooner, but no one is slower at expressing anything more than Chase and he got a rose. This smells fishy to me and looks like production interference in order to create some drama. Also, how many times was Luke going to say I THOUGHT. True Elmer Fudd moment.

After the intense break up Jojo jets off to Thailand with her final three for the fan favorite overnight dates. Once there it seems like the devastation of breaking up with Luke has disappeared and she happily goes on her date with Robby, who really looks like a Ken doll or mannequin come to life. Their date is literally dampened with a typhoon.

At the dinner table, Robby hands Jojo a weird note that his father hid in his jeans after their hometown date. Did I hear that correctly? Whatever it was weird. They moved onto the fantasy suite where they looked super stoked to be away from cameras for some "alone" time. The next morning they have breakfast together and Jojo leaves to get ready for her next date/sleepover.

On the next date Jordan pulls up on a boat for their hiking trip. She looks overly excited to see him and off they go.

They hike all the way to a temple where Jojo needs to keep it together out of respect for the ancient history and religion, but all she can think about is kissing Jordan. Ok. There will be plenty of time for that later in the fantasy suite darling. At dinner they have yet another deep convo. Jordan asks about her family and she thinks he will get along swimmingly with everyone. Word to the wise, Jordan, watch out for those brothers. They didn't think Ben had pure intentions, man are they going to have t a field day with you. As expected, Jordan accepts the fantasy suite invitation and off they go. Another breakfast in bed and one more goodbye before getting ready for the final date.

The last date is with Chase, who has basically had the personality of a log throughout this entire process, but man, Chase came punching today. He was having such a grand time on the date - cracking jokes, acting funny, just being very un-Chase like. Jojo was eating it up and loving every minute of it. At the dinner she offers Chase the fantasy suite card and he happily accepts. He can't wait to get in there to finally let her know that he does LOVE her. Something he has issues saying due to his father's infidelity during his childhood. Once they get into their suite he sits down and lets it all out and BAM right there you see it written all over Jojo's face that she doesn't love him back. She makes it even more awkward by excusing herself from the room to take a moment to think and narrate her thoughts to the camera. She goes back in and tells Chase she doesn't feel the same way and that's when the Chase i've been waiting all season to see comes out. Feisty and upset Chase comes out swinging and doesn't let Jojo get away with making him feel like shit. He asks her why did she invite him to the fantasy suite if she didn't have those feelings for him and why would she lead him down the road to say those words that mean so much and are so hard for him to say. A. I think she just wanted to bang him and see how that went. He is hot. She prob never thought he'd actually have feelings since he's been so devoid of them throughout this entire season, but it didn't work that way. Chase delivered so great lines during all this. Best being when he pop open a beer and walked into the awaiting van and asked if this was the fantasy suite. I need more of this Chase in my life.

Even tho Chase is gone, we must endure a rose ceremony. Both Robbie and Jordan come out wearing pants that are just way, way too tight. Come on guys. They are sweating up a storm and wondering where Chase is. Not to worry, as Jojo starts to tell the boys that she cut Chase out he comes from above needing one more moment with her for closure. Jojo and Chase have a good conversation and end their journey on good terms. As Chase walks away the Thai monkey that has been hanging around chases him. Maybe she wants to give Chase her rose. Regardless, Jojo gifts Robby and Jordan with the last two roses before the finale where a Neil Lane diamond will hopefully replace the rose.

Let's see what happens next week.

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