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The Bachelorette - Week Six

After a week off we are back with our favorite suitors and guess what, they are still in Argentina. This week is a very important one. Jojo needs to narrow down her men to the four that will take her to their hometowns and after the last rose ceremony, we know that she needs more time with Alex and James Taylor to really understand if she wants to go visit their families are not.

We start off with the men recounting their experience and Alex is very confused after the last rose ceremony. Well Alex, so am I. I'm confused as to why you are still there, but I'm hoping I get answers tonight. He keeps talking about how he hasn't had a one on one date with her so of course he is the winner of the first one on one date this episode. This week there are no roses on the one on one date so Alex feels really good. This is the time he needs to cement his relationship with his lady love. Their date has them driving together to the Argentinian country side, while the rest of the boys take a bus. All the other men are jealous that he gets to spend those hours alone with her, but after watching their journey, I think the boys had a lot more fun then the couple. While Alex and Jojo act like aimless preteens in the back of their parents car during a long road trip, the boys drink beer, have an impressive rap freestyle with Chad beatboxing and stop for endless meat (where is Chad our carnivore when you need him?) at a small BBQ joint on the side of the road. All while Robby rolls around in his hotel slippers? I see you Robby. I guess comfort comes before style for him today.

When Alex and Jojo finally arrive at their date they learn they are going to become Argentinian Gaucho's for the day. Alex dressed up in his outfit GAVE ME LIFE. If he was not Farquaad from Shrek then no one is. The date is weird, but Jojo is going with it and doing lots of making out and staring in Alex's eye, but maybe that's because that is her sightline, who knows.

The date turns weird really quick when horse fondling and cuddling comes into play. At one point there is a horse threesome (foursome because the real gaucho or GOOCHO as Alex calls them joined in) and they were all laying on the floor rubbing the horse and each other. Wow. Just Wow.

Meanwhile back at the house the second one on one car arrives and Jordan receives the date leaving the other guys looking a bit disappointed. It's starting to get competitive y'all.

At the dinner portion of Alex's date he looks super happy. He tells us that he knows there is no rose on this date, but if there were there is no doubt in his mind that he would be getting it. Unfortunately, he takes that cockiness and tells Jojo that he loves her and everything changes. All those adorable glances and neck rubbing that Jojo had been offering stops and she tells him that when he said that she just didn't feel any reciprocation and that she doesn't want to lead him on have him stay the rest of the week for her to just cut him loose then. Well Jojo, I must say, if you didn't want to lead him on maybe you could have cut back on all the rubbing, kissing, hugging and general affection that you gave Alex thru the date. I'm no Alex fan, but I think I would have got mixed signals then too. It's not a requirement to make out with everyone all the time during your date. You can just have a good time and not make someone feel like there is something there. Rightfully so, Alex is upset and walks away unable to look Jojo in her eyes. Can't wait to hear from him on the Men Tells All.

For her next one on one date, Jojo takes a private plane with Jordan to Mendoza to go wine tasting. Right there you can see she likes Jordan more. Alex had to endure a 4 hour boring car ride, while Jordan gets whisked away on a PJ. Favoritism.

While they are enjoying the luxurious ride, the men back at home are discussing Jordan being a front runner and how her preconceived notions of who he and his brother are helped him get to where he is. Of course that's the case boys. Would she rather hang with a pharmaceutical rep in Denver or go to the Superbowl with her new family? You choose.

Back at the date, J and J are asked to stomp grapes to make their wine. Off goes their socks, no feet washing, just stomping and foot rubbing. If any viewer had a foot fetish this was the scene for them.

They continue their date at dinner where the talk about hometowns comes up. Jojo asks who she will meet and Jordan says everyone except his middle brother Aaron and Jojo looks disappointed. OH WHY NOT? Ha...girl. Jordan goes on to explain that he isn't very close to his brother, but is close to everyone else in his family. He leads us to believe that Aaron isn't close to most of his family but it is a bit vague. He tells Jojo that Aaron doesn't even know that he is doing the show. I'm wondering if Aaron isn't close to his family because they choose to do stupid things like THE BACHELORETTE?

Anyway, Jordan changes the subject and expresses his undying love for Jojo and man, the expression she has when he says it is night and day from the expression she had when Alex said it. She is like a giddy teenager who has an enormous crush on the school jock. All's well in the J and J world.

We move on to the group date which is Chase, Robby and James Taylor. They decide to keep it low key at the hotel because of the weather and order room service and game night.

James is obviously feeling the pressure of not getting the rose so he targets the "front runner" of the group, Robby, and starts spewing of claims of Robby's wandering eye. WER (Wandering Eye Robby)...ha, I actually think it's funny, but he doesn't stop to the point where you can see Robby is upset and that Jojo is starting to get concerned, but Robby makes up for it by taking her out for a walk and talk and getting deep and we all know our bachelorette's like to get deep. During their alone time he confirms that he's only been broken up from his serious long term girlfriend for 4 months. You can see that Jojo is a bit taken aback, but Robby assures her that he has heeled and his heart is hers. So much so that Jojo gives him the group date rose assuring that he will get to take her home to meet his family and confirming the assertion that he made to the other group date boys, that he is confident that he is the frontrunner of that group. This leaves Chase and JT to stress as they feel one of them will be going home.

The last one one one date is with Luke. It was rather boring to be honest. They rode horses and kissed and he looked at her like he wanted to take a locket of her hair and smell it when he was away from her. The one thing I will say is that he did impress me with his manlyhood. I love a mans man, a cowboy, a guy who knows his way around the outdoors and his ability to hit those skeets did turn me on then I remembered he would probably stalk me if I ever broke up with him and I moved on.

It was time for Jojo to make her picks and she knew exactly what she wanted so for what seems like the 3rd or 4th time this season there was no cocktail party and she sent James Taylor home. We all knew this was coming. They were in the friend zone and James doesn't have the same hairstyle as the other three guys. Apparently you need to have that perfectly gelled long on top and brushed to the side look to win Jojo's heart. JT tried to tame his wild curls tonight but it just was too little too late. See you at the Men Tells All JT. And don't forget your guitar.

Here is your FINAL FOUR!


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