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The Bachelorette - Week Five

This week takes us to Buenos Aires, where Jojo again irks me with the way she says Buenos AIRES. Didn't she grow up in Texas? I thought she'd have a little more latin flavor. Anyway, as she walks around town she meets up with Chris Harrison to discuss how she is feeling at this HALFWAY point. Can you believe we are halfway there already? In that discussion she admits that now she can understand how Ben could fall in love with two people because her feelings are super strong for more than one guy.

We move onto the guys who are, as always, super stoked to be in a different country dating their lady love. As the boys are walking thru the streets I couldn't help but worry about Luke and his pants. Could they be any tighter? How do hiss privates breath? Will he be able to have kids? I mean those were the straightest straight leg camouflage pants ever made.

As they enter their very fancy hotel, the boys are told that this week there will be a second 2 on 1 date- first time that has every happened. The boys seems shocked, but listen, Jojo needs to make decisions. As the shock starts to wear off, the date card comes and Wells is asked on his first one on one date. He decides to bring everyone's shock level back up by letting everyone know that he is yet to plant a wet one on Jojo. Talk about awkward.

The boys all start making comments making Wells even more uncomfortable about the prospects of having to find the right moment. When Jojo comes over to pick Wells up for his date- Luke can't help himself but bring up the kiss, but Jojo diverts to alleviate some of the awkwardness. The build up to this kiss is ridiculous. The date was overall weird. First they roam around the streets with nervous energy, then they end up at some random performance art theater where there was never a good moment for "the kiss". As they are whipping around in a suspended swimming pool, Wells goes in for the kill. FINALLY.

Must have been a weight off his shoulders. Unfortunately Jojo makes the moment bigger then it has to by poking some fun and saying he finally got his moment. I'm sure that didn't add to the stress. They move on to dinner and Wells tells Jojo that his last relationship he felt like they were more BFF's then lover. The light goes off for Jojo, as she is looking for her unicorn that will always be a passionate love and Wells is not that. He's in the BFF range and does not receive a rose. The best part of this date tho, was that it came full circle and as Jojo is contemplating her decision of sending Wells home and looking for her true love, she ends up back at the random performance arts theater with water splashing around her from the suspended pool. Seriously WTF?

Meanwhile back at the house the 2 on 1 date card has arrived and the lucky suitors are Derik and Chase. Chase doesn't understand and is very perturbed with Deriks caviler attitidu about the date. He is taking this very seriously and doesn't feel Derik is. In reality, Derick just feels that confident and it's shaken Chase.

Fast forward to the group date. The boys are roaming around town looking touristy. Taking photos, Flamenco dancing where Robbie got a little frisky with his partner and playing soccer. While playing Jordan feels compelled to lift his shirt and show us his abs. I thank him for that and Jojo loved how hard his stomach is. I'd like to second that- oh well! The boys go into penalty kicks where whoever makes the goal gets a kiss from Jojo. With all the athletic guys in the bunch, James Taylor was the victor and got a kiss from Jojo. At the cocktail portion of the date Jojo spends individual time with the guys. During Luke's time I seriously thought they may bone on camera - the passion is definitely there and Jojo loves that, but will that sustain?

During James Taylor's one on one time he decides to call out Jordan for his entitled attitude. Do these guys ever learn that narking on someone isn't the way to win. I mean, if you are talking about someone like Chad, ok, but Jordan is a front runner and you aren't going to change her mind. Jojo decides to pull Jordan right after to confront him on what JT said. Of course Jordan is perturbed and puts on his charm. All this did was cause tension between JT and Jordan. Jordan said it is pathetic to bring up someone else during your alone time and I tend to agree. Ultimately Luke got the rose. Passion before anything ladies. By the way, King Alex had no TV time.

Now it's time for the two on one. Everyone ready for the excitement? It's a tango date and they need to learn a ton of choreography and man, I thought they did really good for having to learn something so quick. By the way, the instructors slit couldn't have been any higher? I swear I may have seen something I didn't want to. During Derik and Jojo's alone time he got really deep. Maybe too deep for his own good. Once Chase had his time you can see the difference between the two. Jojo couldn't keep her hands off of him. Seems like Jojo is lead by physical attraction and gives the rose to Chase and confident Derik goes home. Bye Bye John Krasinski. It's been real.

It's finally time for the cocktail party and all I can think about is that this girl sure loves herself a cutout dress. The previews teased us with some drama at the cocktail party but again we were disappointed. Jojo can't decide between JT and Alex because she needs more time with them and asks Chris to give roses to both- so everyone got a rose. It was very much an Oprah moment - you get a rose, you get a rose and you get a rose.

We are now down to six men. We are almost at the finish line people. Are your favorites still in it?


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