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Halfway to Christmas DIY Scented Candles

Y'all, today we are halfway to Christmas! Can you believe it? Better start preparing now...ok, kidding, but not really. Every year the Christmas decorations at stores keep coming out earlier and earlier. I swear they are out before Halloween now so might as well start putting a game plan together now.

In the meantime in order to celebrate the halfway point I decided to infuse the aroma of the holidays in my house and thought what better way to do that then try my hand at homemade candle making - Christmas scents to be exact.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can do this at home. It's actually pretty easy and fun. You can get all your supplies at Michaels or online.


Soy Candle Wax

Candle Wick

Hot Glue Gun

Mason Jar / candle jar / etc

Fragrance Oil - I used Apple and Cinnimon for the Christmas/Fall smell

Dried Lavender buds (optional)

Colorants (optional)

Chopsticks, skewers

STEP ONE - Liquify the soy flakes

I used large glass bowl on top of a pot filled with water. Bring the water to a boil. Once you have a rolling boil, reduce the heat and add the soy flakes to your large glass bowl. Four cups of flakes makes about two - 8 ounce candles. Stir the soy flakes every minute until they are reduced to a liquid. This process can take 5 minutes.

STEP TWO - secure the wick

There are two ways you can secure your wick. First, you can use your glue gun and glue it to the center of your jar. Dab a bit of glue on the metal bottom of your candle wick, center it in the jar and use the chopstick to press down and hold until set. The other option is to wait until your soy wax is liquified, dip the metal bottom of your candle wick in the wax and place in the center of your jar. Press down with the chopstick or skewer and hold to set. The wax will act as an adhesive and will hold.

STEP THREE - Straighten Your Wick

Once the wick is in place, you will need to secure it to keep it straight before pouring the wax in. Again there are several methods used to do this. Sometimes the wick is pretty stiff and will stay on it's own, but it's aways best to secure it to be safe. One way to do that is wrapping the end of the wick around your chopstick or skewer and lying it at the mouth of the jar. Another way is using a clothes pin and securing it that way with the clothes pin lying vertically on the mouth of the jar. You can also use a small piece of thick card stock and punch a whole in it then stick the wick thru the whole and have the card stock lie on top of the jar- just make sure you cut out a section of your card stock so you have room to pour the wax in the jar.

STEP FOUR - Let Wax Rest

Before adding the fragrances or colorants, you need to let your wax rest and for the temperature to come down. I poured the wax out of my hot pyrex bowl into my measuring cup to help it cool down and to also allow ease when pouring the wax.

STEP FIVE - Pour the wax into your jars

Gently pour the wax into your jars.

STEP SIX - mix your fragrances and Colorants

Now that the wax is cool, add your fragrance oils into each jar. If you bought candle making fragrance oils they will come with instructions on how much to use. My jars are smaller than 8 oz, so I used a tad less then normal. For an 8 oz jar use about 15 drops of each oil. If only using one fragrance use about 25 combined, but this is up to you. You can also add dried herbs - like lavender or sage if they go with the scent you are making. If you are adding colorant add that now as well. Once everything is added, stir well with your chopstick.


Once everything is mixed, let the candle cool. Takes about 3-4 hours in room temperature.

STEP EIGHT - Trim Wick

Once your candle is cool and the wax is hard, cut your wick to about 1/2" start your Christmas shopping!

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