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Father's Day Gift Guide

It's that time of year again. The time of year we honor the dad's in our life for everything they do or sometimes don't do. Being a mom now definitely makes Father's Day different and special. Instead of honoring my daddy (whom I believe to be the best daddy out there), me and the kids get to celebrate my husband. He grew up without his dad, so Father's Day wasn't a priority in his house, so it's great being able to show him how great this holiday can be. In honor of Father's Day, I put together this gift guide to help you moms out there celebrate the men in your life.


What dad doesn't love a great day at the ball park? Hot dogs, beer and some good old family fun. Get the entire family together to cheer on dad's favorite team. He'll certainily love the quality time with his family, but prob will love the game even more. Let's be honest.


We all have those nerdy dads - the ones that get excited about space or love cars. Make Father's Day a bonding and learning experience for the entire family by taking dad to the Automotive museum or maybe the Observatory. This can be a special treat for dad and a teachable moment for the kiddos. It's a win - win!


Most dads claim to be techy - whatever that means. And if they aren't techy, they want to be, so this is your opportunity to help them out. Let's keep them hip to what the "kids" are talking about and get them something fun like an Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Mophie or Apple Watch. The best is you can get all this overnight with an Amazon Prime subscription.


Every dad loves a good thrill so why not help dad experience something once in a lifetime. With the age of groupon and living social there are always fun deals for experiences like Nascar Racing experience, Sky diving, helicopter rides, Escape Rooms and much more. This is a memory that will last a lifetime for dad.


Beer. For a dad it goes with everything. BBQ'ing, Fancy dinner, late night snack...they may even think it's as hydrating as water. Men. So what better gift to give the beer lover in your family then a monthly delivery of delicious craft beer. The Beer Month Club is even having a Father's Day Sale so hurry up before it's too late.


This is plain and simple ladies. Take one for the team and give your hubby some loving. If there is one thing on this list that would make them happy it's this. This gift will go a long way and doesn't cost a thing!

Happy Father's Day to all the loving daddies out there!


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