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The Bachelorette - Week 3 | Episode 2

Chadmageddon continues!

We pick up where we left off on Monday, with Chris Harrison giving Chad the opportunity to make it right with the guys. Chad takes that time to tell everyone especially Evan to just leave him alone and that all would be cool. Now let's see if that logic works.

The pool party commences with Jojo's arrival. Jojo just wants to have fun and no drama. The pool party basically is a normal frat party- lots of chicken fights, shots and water fights oh and your obligatory nose bleed by Evan.

Jojo meets up with Jordan for a little one on one make out session. She's afraid of falling for Jordan because she is feeling all kinds of feels. They could not keep their hands off each other...lots of rubbing and caressing. But Jojo is nervous. Maybe because Jordan is a PLAYA! Although Jordan swears it's not an act. Ok.

Derrek gets some one one on time with Jojo and is asked how everything is going in the house. He naturally brings up Chad and his erratic behavior unbeknownst to him that Chad is lurking around the corner listening to the conversation. He confronts Derrek and asks why he spent his entire one on one time discussing him and the conversation gets a little intimidating, but Derrek does not back down which make me like him even more.

At the rose ceremony we lose Christian, Nick and Ali. Also I forgot to set my line ups for the second rose ceremony. This double episode really screwed me up.

Jojo decides to take the crew away from the drama of the house and off they go to exotic Pennsylvania. Ha. I actually thought the landscape is gorgeous and a great brackdrop to fall in love.

Luke receives the first one on one date card and they get super romantic in a wood fire hot tub that basically burns off Jojo's toes, but Luke fixes it by gently lowering her into the tub the making out with her until she forgets that she is suffering from 2nd degree burns.

These two dig each other. There is an immediate chemistry and a very deep connection which gets him a rose. It all seems good now, but Luke just strikes me as too serious, maybe a bit controlling and too sensitive for his own good. Again, I have no idea, but that's just my feeling.

Next is a group date with Big Ben, Heinz Ward and Brett Keisel from the Pittsburg Steelers. Another date that Jordan will excel at by the way. I love that Big Ben calls out that Aaron's brother is there- like he is going to make it hard for him.

The guys divide into two teams to play a scrimmage. The losing team goes home and the winning team gets to continue on the date. Evan is on Jordan's team and feels very confident. He's in beast mode. Oh Evan. Ultimately, Derrek strips the ball and scores the winning touchdown for the BLUE team and they continue on. The guys spend some time at the cocktail party and Jordan gets the rose for his excellence in a sport he played professionally.

By the way- Robby for the win. He took the bull by the horn and made Jojo feel sexy and heated things up with a pool table make out session.

The two on one date goes to best friends Chad and Alex - David and Goliath or as Alex said- good vs evil. After reading the date card the boys get into yet another altercation with Chad where his solution is always to "go outside". Everyone is rooting for Chad to go home and for Alex to pull out the win for the group. While discussing that, Chad overhears and focuses his anger and Jordan and Chad threatens to find him after the show ends. There is definite mental instability there, which can be the roids, but it sure does make good TV.

PS - What's up with Alex's AMERICAN FLAG socks?

The date is a hike in the middle of nowhere. The perfect place for someone to just disappear.

The date is AWKWARD as most 2 on 1 dates are. Alex takes his time to lay out Chad's bipolarness. What took it over the edge was the fact that Alex let her know that he threatened golden boy Jordan which didn't make her too happy. Jojo wants to believe in Chad, but when everyone is telling her one thing it's hard to ignore. Plus when you tell a woman that you have threatened to beat people so that they will be quiet- yeah, not going to win there buddy. Ultimately Jojo sides with the house and send Chad home.

How uncomfortable was it when they had to walk away and leave chad behind? I love how they do that now on the 2 on 1 dates.

Back at the house the boys have poppers (way to be prepared 😉) and the boys pop bottles to celebrate as Chad wanders the woods and ends up at the boys front door.


PS - I love Daniel.


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