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The Bachelorette - Week Three | First Episode

Looks like this week we are in for a roller coaster ride of steroid emotions. Buckle up folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Wes start the episode with a look at how the mansion is a disaster and instead of the boys cleaning up, Chad and Daniel are counting calories in the kitchen.

This week we will have two one on one dates and one group dates. First date card arrives and Chad is the lucky gentlemen. I totally get it. He wooed Jojo last week with a romantic gesture at the last cocktail party. This is definitely someone we must get to know. AND yes, I said WE because I'm fully invested in this journey now. The date takes them to a hot yoga studio- something Jojo has wanted to try for some time. I'm already on the fence when the cameras zoom in on the instructors crotch area while she is gyrating her pelvis. Those yoga pants didn't leave much to the imagination. But she couldn't leave it at that, she started grunting and groaning then letting out a loud screan which she called out an ANGERgasm. Not gonna lie- may need to try that at home since it's not offered at my local yoga studio.

Couple of observations from the date:

  1. Chase is HOT. Did y'all see that tattoo?

  2. I have no idea how they stayed so serious during the yab yaba (Jojo stradling him) pose. I would not be able to be rubbing privates with someone I just met with camera crews all around and not either laugh out loud or feel super awkward.

  3. Chase can kiss!

By the way isn't this dude a pastor?? I'll say it again, but where were all these hot guys when my mom dragged me to church? Also, anyone see him do the hand heard sign over his chest? Ok, cheeseball, but I love it. Jojo wants to know more and gave Chase a rose. This one is Jenny approved.

The group date card arrives and Chad is upset he is on it and doesn't want to spend his time with 12 other people and would rather not go. Now I understand his feelings, but it's like he doesn't know what show he signed up for. The other more sensitive bachelors took offense to his comment which caused a full on argument and insults amongst the guys. I will say that Chad is a ticking time bomb, but there are some little Chihuahuas nipping at his heels. Not to say any of Chad's reactions are valid, but man maybe this wasn't the show for him.

The group date had them heading to Atwater Village to a small theater where some interesting woman put on a show where they explore sex and tell funny sex stories for the audience to relate to. The bachelors will participate and embarrass themselves and Jojo by telling their most awkward stories. By the way, what's up with the orgasms this episode? The lady who started the performance started it with a bang and a loud orgasm....maybe the show is trying to tell us something. Anyway, most of the men are feeling awkward but excited about telling their stories. Well everyone except Chad. Chad thinks you should keep this stuff to yourself. When Daniel starts being the voice of reason for Chad you know that it's probably gone too far.

🔑 notes from group date:

  1. Am I the only one who likes Daniel? I think he is gold and the best ying to Chad's yang.

  2. Well's has a threesome story? Why was that cut out.

  3. James the boxer come from a conservative Christian home. For some reason that interests me. He reminds me of a crazy Irish Catholic boxing family.

The biggest story of the night was Evan (yes ED guy) deciding he was going to take this opportunity to mess with Chad. He went up and talked about the dangers of being on steroids and what it could do to your junk and emotions. Chad didn't take that too well and pulled on Evan's shirt as he walked by. I was uncomfortable and thought for sure he was going to kill him. Evan has this idea that he is going to stand up for all the little people. I like it, but it's also a bit annoying. But nothing is better then Chad trying to redeem himself by going on stage and only story to tell was going in for a kiss from Jojo and having her turn her cheek to reject him.


At the cocktail hour Evan gave Jojo an ultimatum (seems a little early in the season for ultimatums). If Chad stays he goes. I actually felt bad for him, but it worked. When Jojo let the group know that she was giving her date rose to Evan, Chad interrupted and couldn't believe this was real life. Jojo wasn't very fond of him being so disrespectful and his true colors were finally out for her to see.

After the group date production decided to bring in security so the guys feel safe. I honestly don't know what that security guard would do if Chad went off the rails...he just seemed slow.

There is still the last one on one left and that goes to James Taylor. Jojo takes him to the Culver Hotel to learn some swing dancing. Jojo is attracted to JT's energy and positivity, but it's clear they are in the friend zone and there is no sexual chemisty there.

Jojo feels the friendship zone as well and wants to see if they can connect on a different level during their food and drinks. James tell Jojo a story about being bullied about his looks growing up and how that's never left him, then he pulls out the guitar for yet another moment where he reminds us he's a singer / songwriter. Jojo gives JT the rose, but I don't see him going much further as he is more BFF material then BF material.

Instead of a cocktail party, Jojo wants to spend time at the house with the guys. I'm assuming she is trying to see Chad and the rest of the guys in their normal habitat to get a clearer picture of what goes on behind closed doors. Chris Harrison is made aware of Chad's behavior by Evan (as if he didn't know already) and Chris gives Chad the ability to make it right, instead of kicking him out. We need to wait until tonights episode to see how that goes, but it doesn't look good.

Lastly, I cannot handle Luke's intense deep stares and I give major props to the camera man who got great shots of Chad eating a sweet potato straight like a banana while my man Daniel compared him to Mussolini.

Let's see what happens tonight.


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