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The Bachelorette - Week Two

Week two of the Bachelorette starts off with Jojo feeling hopeful about the men in the house. It's the start of the process so she is still her positive, bubbly self even tho it looks like production isn't paying for her to have her own fancy Malibu house, but rather is staying at a hotel. Must mean that they will be traveling pretty quickly this season.

Meanwhile back at the house, with a ton of mimosas and hair gel, the men cheers to the start of the process and getting to know Jojo better.

The first date card arrives - and the men hear a loud noise and run outside to see a limo catch on fire in the driveway. Really seems like they are on the Universal studio backlot tour right now. As fire truck follows and out come Captain Jojo dressed to the nine's in her fire gear. She handles the hose like a champ and puts out the fire. Now it's the mens turn since the group date consists of fire training camp. Isn't it a bit unfair that Grant, the real life fireman is on this date?

Sidenote - when they cut to Chad doing pull ups with his luggage on a weight belt, that can't be normal can it? Talk about meathead to the max!

Anyway, back to the fireman date and Jojo's bell bottom flood fireman pants. All the men are showing their macho side, but poor Well's can't cut it. The gear weighs more then him and he is faint. He gets to sit some stuff out and Jojo comes over to check on him where he takes full advantage of his one on one time.

Back at the house James Taylor is hosting a full on sing along with all the men except Chad who is on a protein fest and just tearing up a steak while making fun of the guys song. I don't get the sing along either. Trust me, but Chad really doesn't want to be a team player here.

At the fireman date, Well's somehow makes top three, but Grant comes out victorious and saves Jojo. If he hadn't it really would have been an issue for his self esteem. He gets to spend some one on one time with Jojo as they head over to the cocktail party. At the cocktail party we learn that the dick doctor has kids and that Luke is already stressing and over thinking how much time he gets with Jojo, but he and Jojo got to share a passionate kiss which made up for his worry. Ultimately Wells gets the pity rose and everyone heads home.

The one on one date goes to Derek. Who you make ask. I asked the same thing, but what I came to realize is that he resembles my love John Krasinski so I will be rooting for him. They end up on a pretty cool, choose your own adventure date that landed them at a picnic with a view of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The date was overall easy and natural and Derek seems like a good guys, but maybe a bit too safe for our girl Jojo. He left the date with a rose and some air time.

I love when the producers edit in Daniel and Chad, wearing black muscle tanks bonding over how Jojo should look out for the good guys. Sometimes they have stuff to hide. Ok guys, bond over your protein shakes and leave the love business to the others. You guys clearly are on a different page then everyone else. Bro down tho...I like your friendship.

The next group date takes the men to the ESPN studios for an episode of SportsNation. Seems a little biased to have Jordan Rodgers there, but again, we had Grant at the Fireman date so I guess we are setting up the bachelors to look good. The guys compete in some silly challenges to help the Sports Nation host rank the best picks for Jojo. Chad was being Chad and being truly honest. He couldn't tell Jojo all the things he loved about her because he doesn't know her. TRUE. I can completely accept that, it's your delivery buddy. You come off condescending and rude and you bring down the other guys with. Keeping it real is always a good thing, but there is too much keeping it real. Eventually the hosts power rank the guys and James Taylor (who can't stop singing), is ranked first. Jordan Rodgers isn't even in the top 3, but Chad was. They head over to the cocktail party and all try and spend as much time with Jojo as they can. Alex gets some time alone with Jojo and decides to sit in the biggest chair known to man, when he is the shortest guy in the cast. Not a good look buddy. Chad pulls out a story about his mom's passing and how he inherited her puppy which immediately turns Jojo's opinion around on him. Ultimately, James gets the rose.

We now move to the first real rose ceremony of the season. Chad pulls a fast one on the guys and sit's outside waiting (stalking) until Jojo gets there. They have a little one on one time before going in the house but it feels awkward and forced. The standout of the cocktail party is Chase from Colorado. He didn't get a date this week so he made his own at the mansion and had it snow. Thank god for the producers in pulling that one off, but I loved it and so did Jojo. The elephant in the room (or at the cocktail party) was Chad and how he wasn't getting along with the guys, but definitely getting along with the buffet table. He constantly had meat in his mouth, hands, everywhere. I just kept thinking he must smell of deli meat and that's not appetizing at all. The men all tried to confront him but it was the weakest confrontation I've ever seen on the Bachelor franchise. Although we did see Chad flip from being patronizing to actually getting pissed off and looking like he wanted to fight.

In the end, Brandon the hipster, James S the superfan and Will the Bob Guiney wannabe all got the boot.

Next week we are lucky enough to have 2 back to back episode for what looks like a action packed week of dating.

By the way, how y'all doing on your fantasy? I'm tied for 2nd place. Better make up some of my mistakes!


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