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The Bachelorette - THE MEN

First off I want to apologize for not posting for a week, but I was traveling for work with very limited wifi. BUT don't fret, I'm back and will be blogging regularly here so hope you all continue to visit.

Now onto the task at hand. We are a day away from the start of our new BACHELORETTE'S journey to find her one true love. I know everyone is as excited as I am for Monday's again. In order to make it even more exciting, I invite you to join my Bachelorette fantasy league here. For more information on how the league works go here, but it's literally super simple. The hardest task is remembering to put your picks in before showtime on Monday.

Now let's dissect some of the contestants on Jojo's season in order to help you with your fantasy picks and just for some good old fashion fun.

I already see a guy in a Santa outfit and one in a kilt, so looks to me like we'll have some interesting out of the limo intros....I wouldn't expect much less from this show.

Meet Vinny. He's 28 years old and from Florida. According to his bio on the ABC website he's a barber, but sources online say he moonlights as a DJ. DJ Vinsane to be exact. He seems to be Italian and into cooking, surprising his "boys" and frosted tips- Justin Timberlake style. Wonder if Jojo was an N*Sync fan?

This is Jordan. Jordan Rodgers to be exact. No where in his bio on does it state that he is Green Bay Packers star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers brother, but he is and to me that gives him an unfair advantage. We all know that most of these people that join reality shows are looking for their 15 minutes of fame so why wouldn't Jojo want to be with a famous person's brother. Especially someone who dates Olivia Munn. How do you feel about having celebrity relatives on the Bachelor? Remember Shayne Lamas anyone?

He may look yummy, but rumor has it that good old Chad has been pinned as the villain of the season. His official bio states that he is a luxury real estate agent, has no tattoos and loves THE NOTEBOOk (bring home to mom material, right ladies?), but this former marine seems to be the seasons token agro male and pot stirrer. I wonder if he is one person with Jojo and another in the house. Isn't there always one of those?

I had to find Santa and I did. Meet Nick B. - electrical engineer by day and Santa Clause by night. Santa is a party starter whose favorite movie is Gladiator and favorite magazine is Ducks Unlimited, huh? Let's not let the Santa suit detract us. Maybe he's into giving gifts and what girl doesn't like receiving gifts.

This is Chase, the Denver medical sales rep. Sound familiar anybody? Hint: Ben Higgins...but beside all that Chase founded the Mosaic Church in Denver and is supper into his faith. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid all the pastors sure didn't look like this. Oh and he also has a rib tattoo. I mean, did they go looking for another Ben Higgins...I smell our next Bachelor.

No season would be complete without a sexy fireman / model. Thank god for Grant because he fills that position nicely. His official bio states that his greatest achievement is saving a life. Enough said....oh and that amazing jawline and six or eight pack. I hope we get to see more of Grant if you catch my drift.

Alright ladies. Now it's time for you to do your own research, set your line ups, get your wine ready and get ready to hop on the crazy's BACHELORETTE MODAY TIME.

🌹🌹Champagne and roses to you all 🌹🌹


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