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Bachelorette Fantasy League

T-minus two weeks until we are back at it y'all.

This time we are following Jojo as she boards the crazy train and tries to find love on national TV. With the help of everyone's favorite host, Chris Harrison of course.

I'm happy that ABC decided to go with Jojo instead of Caila as the rumor mill was discussing. After the double "I LOVE YOU" debacle, ABC traded Caila for jilted Jojo since every girl in America felt heartbroken for her. I just don't know if I could have gone thru an entire season of Disney Princess like Caila smiling and laughing thru all the dates. At least Jojo seems naturally more complex and deep where when Caila tried to do that it seemed forced- like she knew she had to try and be deep to get ahead. Added bonus, we get more of Jojo's kooky and over protective brothers and her wine chugging mama. Yes please!

I decided I don't want to go through this experience alone and have created a public BACHELORETTE fantasy league that everyone can join.

Who want's to join me on this journey?

Just click here to sign up!


  • We are signed up for a WEEK TO WEEK style of gameplay where players will make their picks for the upcoming week of the season before the EAST COAST episode airs on Monday nights.

  • Players DO NOT draft or pick player for each round at the beginning of the season.

  • Your bracket will lock before the EAST COAST airing every Monday so please make sure you pick the guys you feel will advance that week before 8pm EST. The site gets very congested on Monday's so sometimes it's best to make your picks the weekend before or I like to do it the Monday after the episode airs since everything is fresh in my mind and you don't forget to lock in your picks.

  • Once the bracket locks you CAN NOT make anymore edits for that week.

  • Scoring of the brackets will happen after the WEST COAST airing of the episodes and generally are available by noon the following day.

  • You basically have to go off of gut and photos for the first week bracket since no episodes have aired.

  • I ask that you don't look up spoilers so that it is fair to everyone playing.

So don't be shy and go ahead and sign up. It will be fun to watch and recap while everyone is playing along.

Check back next week when I go through the contestants and see what kind of season we have in store for us.

🌹🌹Champagne and roses to you all 🌹🌹


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