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How to stay connected to your kids while away

There’s nothing harder then leaving your kids when you need to go away on a business trip. Yes, there is the benefit of the peace and quiet. Oh and being able to sleep in late. Plus you get to pee by yourself in the bathroom. Wait, maybe it’s not that bad after all! But it’s probably not that grand of an experience for your kids. They are left wondering where you are? Why you aren’t tucking them in at night? When, if ever, are you coming home?

My job keeps me away from home quite a lot. I must admit that it was a lot easier when Jagger was a baby and not very aware of his surroundings, but now he's a little person who understands what's going on. Even one day away from him is tough. When he asks me over the phone what time I'll be home he usually like it when I tell him not for a few days.

Here are a few tips to ease the separation anxiety while you are away from your child:

  • BEDTIME STORY - Leave a Recording of yourself reading his favorite bedtime story. That way he gets the comfort of hearing mommy's voice before going to sleep.

  • TRAVEL PARTNER - Bring one of his favorite stuffed animal or lovie with you and snap photos of him on the trip to send to your child.

  • FACETIME - Set a specific time to Facetime with him everyday so he (and you) have something to look forward to daily.

  • FOOD PREP - Leave one of his favorite meals prepared in the freezer or fridge so his caretaker just needs to pop it in the oven and BAM he’s got a home cooked meal from mommy.

  • SURPISES - Leave special treats hidden for him around the house to remind him of you. Stickers in his favorite book, a toy race car in his potty or maybe play-doh in his snack drawer.

  • PRESENTS - Bring him back a present from wherever you are visiting. You can use this as a teachable moment and bring him back something that truly represents that city or countries history or culture.

  • YOU'VE GOT MAIL - Send a local postcard. Even if he gets it after you get back home he will feel super special having mail addressed specifically to him.

  • SHOW ME THE MONEY - Bring him back foreign currency for his piggy bank.

  • WHERE IN THE WORLD IS - If you travel a lot like I do, you can buy a map and pushpins and have him mark down every city and country you are visiting.

  • START A COLLECTION - Start some type of special collection for him that is only something you and he do. For us, I buy Jagger socks from every country I go to. His first pair were from Norway and now they fit sister!

And if all else fails try and pack them in your luggage!

I kid, I kid.

Do you guys have any special things you do when you travel? Would love to hear. Leave them in the comments below!


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