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Our Birth Stories

Last week I instagrammed about starting my journey with NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips for Scar Management. After two c-sections, I wasn't too thrilled with how my incision ended up looking so I've been on a mission to find something that will help diminish the scar.

Here's my story

I wasn't one of those lucky women who had that amazing birth story. To be honest, I wasn't even awake when my babies were born. I just met the little strangers an hour later as I woke up out of my anesthesia daze. Due to the scoliosis surgery and the rods in my back, I wasn't able to have natural childbirth. I had hoped I would at least be able to get an epidural and be awake for the c-section, but the anesthesiologist couldn't figure out a safe spot to give me the epidural due to the maze of rods back there so under general anesthesia I went. The unfortunate part of all this was that neither my husband or I were there when my babies first arrived in this world. I mean, I was there, but in the last deep sleep I would experience for months - lol! The icing on the cake was that they forgot to grab my husband after our first was born, so after 30 minutes had passed he had to ask a nurse what was going on. They quickly realized that they had forgotten him and escorted him back to the recovery room where Jagger was hanging in the corner under the bright lights probably wondering where his parents were. To be honest, he may not even be mine. We weren't there to verify, but based on his bossy personality, it's safe to say he belongs here.


After both my c-sections I didn't really follow doctors orders and not go up and down stairs or lift heavy stuff. I just wanted to get back to my regular life as soon as possible. Plus there was so much to do and organize. That sure didn't help my scar heal properly so here I am a year after having Layla wondering how I'm going to make it all pretty again. This is where NewGel+ comes in. I've tried Mederma and ScarAway and haven't really seen much of a result. I was introduced to NewGel+ about a few weeks ago and started using it last week.

NewGel+ is basically medical grade silicone gel strips that are used on burn victims in hospitals.

Dr. Joseph Sobanko, a dermtological surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania Health System has said that " the only thing really shown to help the healing process and minimize scarring is keeping a wound moist and covered. Most scar products do that. But there’s little evidence that they work any better than inexpensive petroleum jelly." That's what products like Mederma do, but studies have shown that they worked no better than cheaper Vaseline or oils. But Silicone gel stripping seems to be the exception with clinical benefits that have been evidenced on burn victims since the 1980's.

The strips come precut and are easy to use.

You just need to wash the area you are treating, then apply the silicone strip to that area. You can wear it for a minimum of 6 hours or up to 24 hours. You should remove it everyday to wash and dry the area being treated and to inspect the scar site. They suggest that you wear the strips for a minimum of 2 months to see results and that it can be used on new or older scars.

I'm hopeful that this treatment will give me some results. I know a lot of you mommy's out there are dealing with a similar situation so maybe by mid summer we all can be wearing a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. 😉

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress.


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