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Sibling Sharing

We are definitely entering a new phase in the Martousa house. Jagger was so excited when baby sister first came along. He couldn’t wait to show her all his toys and explore with her, but as baby sister is becoming can we say less baby and more toddler, he is really drawing the lines between what is his and what is hers. And let me tell you at the moment EVERYTHING is his. Even that pink doll she got for Christmas. It’s really become a challenge lately since Layla’s getting into everything and is much more active at playtime. We’ve tried a few things that seem to help momentarily but Jagger will “” revert back to the “mine” mentality pretty quickly.

Here are some things we’ve tried (some even go against each others strategies but we are desperate for something to work):

TIMED PLAY – we let sister play with his toys for a specific amount of time. Say one minute, because one minute feels like eternity to a 2.5 year old. Then he gets the toy back. This worked the best for a while, then he lost interest in the excitement of waiting his turn.

COMMUNAL TOYS – we try and refer to all the toys as everyone’s toys — not brothers or sisters. The hope is that this takes away the sense of ownership and fosters more of a communal feel for the toys. Ummm…this one didn’t work to well.

SPECIFIC SHARED TOYS -we let Jagger put away “special’ toys for his playtime only and everything out must be shared with sister. Well, apparently everything is special in Jagger’s eyes.

PRAISE WHEN SHARING – we try giving positive reinforcement when Jagger shares with Layla. Lots of high fives and good jobs. He loves the praise, but the sharing has only been temporary. He usually goes back to his regularly scheduled selfishness.

PRACTICE SHARING – Daddy and I will practice sharing with Jagger. We’ll show him that adults do it too by using key phrases with each other, like “Can I have a sip of water when you are done?” or “May I have a bite of that?”. We hope by practicing sharing ourselves Jagger will learn and emulate our behavior

We hope that by continuing this tactics sharing will finally click. Seems like patience is key.

Do any of you moms out there have any tricks of the trade that helped your kiddos share? Sound off in the comments below. We are willing to try it all.

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