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Bachelor Finale Viewing Party

As I'm sure you are all aware, I'm a card holding member of BACHELOR NATION. What can I tell you? The show entertains me. This year I decided to hold a finale viewing party at my house since I figured that would be much better then talking to the TV by myself and let me tell ya, it sure was better.

I seriously love a good crafting project so I took this as an opportunity to do a bunch of fun stuff for the party. Let's go step by step.


I started with entertainment before decor and decided on having a BACHELOR themed photo booth and BENGO, my little twist on Bingo.

PHOTO BOOTH- I searched the interent for some Bachelor inspired photo props, printed them up on thick cardstock and hot glued them to wooden skewers and voila we had photo booth props! The most popular were the faces of favorite contestents - like Lace and Olivia. Unfortunately I couldn't find a high enough resolution photo of Olivia with her mouth open. Trust me...I searched high and low.

BENGO - I was able to create custom made BENGO cards at I came up with fun sayings and common situations from this season and used a rose as the free square in the middle. The winner received one of the HOPE bracelets Ben has been sporting this season.


For decor, I went with what is synonomis with The Bachelor- red roses, candles and champgane. Easy enough.

STRAW FLAGS - I created TEAM JOJO and TEAM LAUREN straw flags so that everyone could show their allegiance to their paticular favorite girl. I found an easy template online and used to add the text. Next I printed it on some nice colored paper (each team had their own color) and then hot glued it to the paper straws.


We decided on serving some small bites and settled on sushi, chips, homemade salsa and guac, some rose shaped pizzas and popcorn and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

All Hail Josh our BENGO winner!

Here's some photo booth fun!

Overall I think the party was a huge success.

Until next season!


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