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The Bachelor - Week Nine

We are rounding third base on our way to home plate and this episode is usually my favorite of every season - Fantasy Suite time. And this season's fantasy suite episode sure did not disappoint. We are left with our final three ladies - Caila, Lauren B. and Jojo.

The episode starts off with a quick update on where Ben is at with each lady. The cliff notes version - Caila smiles too much and he's worried that he may not be able to get below the surface. With Lauren he feels like a school boy trying to chase after his crush and with Jojo he's just scared of those brothers of hers.

The first date goes to Caila who is her usual bubbly self, excited to see the man of her dreams, but as soon as they get on the date things get awkward. Their date consists of floating down a river and being romantic, but all I kept thinking about was the mosquitos. That sure looked like a place where there would be lots of mosquitos and with all the craziness with the Zica virus I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Maybe that's what Caila was thinking about since she BARELY spoke during the entire ride down the river. The silence and awkward attempt at small talk was really uncomfortable to watch. She admitted that she just couldn't get out of her head that there were two other girls at this point in the process with her and it made this date a little tougher. Reality is setting in that having your friends date your boyfriend sure isn't fun. Well, Caila made up for the weirdness by basically devouring Ben's face when she met up with him for dinner. She opened up about why she was quiet and tense and was finally able to scream from the rooftops that she loved Ben as he just stared at her not able to reciprocate, but that was enough for Caila because she could tell in his eyes that he felt the same way back. They decide to go ahead and forgo their individual rooms to spend time together. The wake up the next day looking relaxed and Caila reminds Ben that she loves him before he hurries off for his next overnight date.

The next date goes to Lauren B. Now, was it just me or did anyone else think Lauren was walking sort of funny. First I thought it was just during the intro to her package but then I saw her do it on the way to the boat and again on the sand at the beach. Has she always had a weird walk or were her shorts too tight? Anyway, their date is kind of cute and they get to save a ton of baby seat turtles and set them free to the ocean. Those damn baby turtles were adorable.

Lauren is a little unsure as well on this date. Worried about the other girls and where they are at in their relationship with Ben, but Ben has a thing for his girl Lauren. He looks at her for validation and feels like he isn't good enough for her. Last I checked he was the BACHELOR not the contestant, but he has some self esteem issues when he is around her. He even admits he cried about her to his sister. Ben you need to bring your game up son. But don’t fear Ben, as they forgo their individual rooms and hang in the fantasy suite, Lauren can't wait to tell you that she LOVES YOU and that you are her person and in turn you can't help but reciprocate and proclaim your love to her. Lauren looks shocked, then happy and finally like she's got this in the bag. They enjoy the rest of the night together saying the L word over and over...if you didn't get it by the end of the date, these two love each other.

Ben doesn't know how he is going to go on the Jojo date after spending such quality time with Lauren and expressing his love for her, but he needs to go to see if they can get past the uncomfortable hometown.

The take a helicopter to an amazing waterfall and are having a good time. They definitley seem comfortable with each other and you can see that Ben has a connection with her.

The one thing I will say about Jojo on this date is that she really talked a lot. I don't know if she was just uncomfortable and nervous, but most of the date was just Ben staring at her as she spoke. After taking the jump from the waterfall, Jojo decides to take the plunge and tell Ben that she knows that she is in love with him and that there is not a doubt in her mind that she wants a future with him. To her surprise and you can see it on her face y'all, Ben says JOJO I LOVE YOU TOO....huh?!? Didn't you just tell Lauren you loved her. Ben has a big heart and lots of love to give. As soon as Ben says he loves Jojo she just seems to get super comfortable and her nervousness is gone. She can't stop talking about anything and everything, but at points during their dinner I saw an "oh snap maybe I messed up telling two people that I loved them" look on Ben's face, but that doesn't stop him from saying the L word a few more times in the fantasy suite and the following morning. I just kept thinking that he better be serious because those two brothers of hers will not be happy if he crushes her heart.

It seems like Ben has an easy decision to make tonight at the rose ceremony. There is only one person who didn't get an I Love You on their date so naturally Caila will be the one going home, but poor Caila doesn't know that and decides to surprise Ben at his villa. She looks a bit stalkerish casing the house looking for Ben. When she finally finds him she sneaks up and surprises him but doesn't receive the warm hello she was hoping for. She can feel the disconnect and Ben decides to tell her there that he just doesn't feel it with her. I feel bad for Caila...she really didn't think this was a possibility, which is understandable since you are living in such a bubble on these shows. I just worry that she is always so upbeat and cheery that she won't deal with the heartbreak well.

At the rose ceremony, both girls walk in a bit confident, not knowing the other lady heard the L word as well. They are looking for Caila but Ben walks in a bit melancholy and lets them know that he had to let her go. He looks a bit confused and lost, but the ladies come up to comfort him. Don't the three of them make a cute couple? Maybe they'll surprise us on the finale with Ben choosing both ladies and them both accepting....

Anyway, I title this episode Jamaicamecrazy, because it sure was madding.

Few things:

  • I couldn't help but be envious of these ladies bodies. They must be working out during all the downtime because they are all tight.

  • I need to know what Ben's rib tattoo says. Is it a bible scripture?

  • Ben was handing out I Love You's like Oprah hands out freebies on her favorite things shows. You get an I love you and you get an I love you...damn

  • I'm pretty much over all the shots of Ben's HOPE bracelet...sorry, but we get the point.

  • Lastly, did anyone see when Ben wiped his nose with his hand then wiped it on Jojo's back while they were talking at the waterfall. Classic.

Women Tell All next week, then onto the finale.

Who do you think is taking home the final rose?


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