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The Bachelor - Week Eight

Can you believe we are at hometowns already? Is it me or did this season just fly by? This week Ben does a quick circle around the United States and meets his lady loves parentals. Exciting or terrifying? You be the judge.

We start off with what has to be the hometown that is furthest from Ben's reality. He's in Laguna Beach, California meeting timid Amanda and her two cutie daughters. I don't necessarily think Ben is opposed to being with someone who has kids, but I don't think it was really something he gave much thought to. Although he is into Amanda physically and there is some sort of emotional connection, is he ready to take on the challenge of raising two kids under three. They start the date off on the beach where Amanda does my favorite run and wrap legs around Ben thing that all the bachelorettes do to show their excitement. Amanda and Ben catch up while waiting for the girls. When the babies get there we see Amanda get emotional and truly get to see her love and devotion for these little girls. By the way, how adorable are their outfits. Can I have the number to their stylist?

Ben gets to know the girls by running around the beach and chasing them. I know that game son plays it every night. They then head over to Amanda parent's house to meet the rest of the family and Ben experience a typical car ride with two small children. Lots of screaming and whining. Again, I know that all too well. I will say Ben looked a little overwhelmed when getting out of the car, but any newbie would. Welcome to the dark side. Anyway, they seem to have a nice evening at the parents — nothing to write home about, but all I could think about at the end of the date when they had the girls on Ben's lap while he was reading a story to them is, WHY ARE THEY PUTTING THESE KIDS THROUGH THIS. There is a one in four chance their mom is going to get their heart broken and they are going to have to watch her be upset. I'm all about them meeting Ben, but trying to portray a family made me sad knowing that they all may get hurt at some point during this process. Overall Ben seemed pleased with his date and I couldn't help but notice how Amanda turned into a little teenage girl as she said bye to Ben. I think the love bug has bitten her.

Next we head up to Oregon to visit with Lauren (B's) family. She used the same line we hear from almost all the bachelorettes at this point in the journey-that this is a big deal for her because she doesn't bring home a lot of guys to meet the family. Ok. Anyway, Ben seems super stoked about their date and seems to fit into the Portland vibe. They go eat at the food trucks and Lauren reveals that she loves butter. We all do, girl...we all do. After some whiskey they head home to meet Lauren's family.

Now I don't know if the whiskey was flowing a bit too much or what, but Ben cries when he talks to Lauren's sister y'all. He cried. Then Lauren cried to her sister. I was just waiting for the sister to cry. If these to emo kids aren't meant to be then I don't know who is. Lauren is feeling a ton of emotions and wants to say I love you to Ben, but doesn't. She settles for a very passionate kiss as they say good bye to one another. PS - I really like Lauren's dad. He seemed very rationale and had a great talk with them.

From Portland we head to Akron, Ohio to visit Caila's family. She keeps talking about how she moved a lot as a child and that she didn't have strong roots in one place. I believed she maybe came from a military background or something but we come to learn that her dad is CEO of STEP 2, only my sons favorite toddler car and toy manufacture. LOL.

Her dad has done the circuit in executive position from P&G, Folger's to New Balance, so Caila's family has moved around a lot. We also learn that Caila is half Pilipino. Again, for some odd reason I thought she was Korean. Ha...don't ask me why. I probably just guessed. Caila's family seems sweet and genuine, but I can't get over Caila always smiling. There's got to be something masked under all that smiling. I need to know. We also experience more crying here. Caila has a heart to heart with her mom and dad (another dad that I thought really was sweet with his daughter) and expressed that she knows Ben is the one. Only time will tell. More kissing and another missed I love you and Ben is off.

Last stop is Dallas, Texas to meet with Jojo. This date is rocky from the start. She arrives at her home to find flowers on her doorstep that she presumably believes came from Ben. She then finds out it's from his ex trying to get his 15 minutes in. She calls him up right away and shuts him down because she is falling in love with Ben. Ben listens to her story and comforts her. Even says that he wished he could have sat beside her when she called him. Awkward much? But not as awkward as their visit to her parents house. First off her family seems very nice and close. I know everyone is going in on her brothers for probing and telling jojo to be guarded, but I think they were actually being the most realistic of them all. Yeah it was a bit mellow dramatic, but Ben wasn't as warm and fuzzy (or crying) with them as he was with Lauren's sister, so they were concerned. They don't want their sister hurt so they gave the best advice they could. Unfortunately all that did was make Jojo paranoid, but maybe she needs to be. She's got some stiff competition. Oh and Jojo's mom! Loved her. First off her face. I'm sorry...I didn't want to have to say anything, but the woman is beautiful..she doesn't need any extra help. But she delivered the best visual of the night, by taking a swig of wine straight from the bottle while the brother's were digging into Ben. I mean, I get it. If I were there I would have done the same thing. Go mom!

Unfortunately after all that Ben still has to send someone home and as usual this is the hardest rose ceremony yet. He makes the call to send Amanda home after meeting her kids. He just didn't want to string her along anymore if he didn't think it was going to ultimately work out. She wishes he had just told her during the hometown instead of making her go to the rose ceremony, but she handled the exit with the utmost beauty and grace.

Now its time to get sexy with overnights...if the previews are indicative of anything it's that we have a lot of drama coming up and I can't wait.


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