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The Bachelor - Week Six

Wow just wow. What an episode. This season of The Bachelor hit an all time high last night. The entire episode was full of twists and turns and where did she come froms? We started off with our cliffhanger. Ben pulled Olivia aside to confront her regarding what he was hearing from the other ladies. All the other girls were hoping Ben would take her rose away (something that has never been done on any season of the Bachelor), but what we ended up getting was a very mild conversation where Olivia turned the tables around and told Ben she was being targeted because she was a front runner. Highlight of the conversation though, was that Olivia feels as though she just doesn't connect with the other girls. They are all into painting nails and doing each others hair, while she is into reading books and thinking. Oh and talking about smart things. Ben looks as confused and scared as ever but as the true gentlemen that he is takes her explanation, lets her keep the rose and continues on with the rose ceremony. To no ones surprise, Jennifer didn't get the rose and was sent home. Although I did feel some sort of connection from them two early on (she even got one of the first kisses), things just didn't progress and seriously hit a standstill so her going home was no surprise. On a side note- I sure am glad I didn't end up buying the dress Jojo was wearing at the rose ceremony. Ultimately, it didn't seem that flattering.

At the rose ceremony Ben let the ladies know their next stop is the Bahamas where there would be a one on one date, one group date and the dreaded two on one.

The first date card reveals that Caila gets the coveted one on one date. Immediately there is disappointment and anger in Leah's eyes. How can Ben pick Caila AGAIN over her? She's never had any one on one time with him and this would be Caila's second time on a single date. I have to admit, i'd probably be upset as well, but then you have to remind yourself you are on a TV show and that things don't usually go the rationale way. To make matters worse, Ben enters the room to pick up Caila for her date and decides to sit right next to Leah in the middle of her madness. She can't even stomach to look at him and Ben is oblivious to the entire thing. Kind of classic.

On their date, Ben and Leah go deep sea fishing but he feels like Caila is always happy and smiling, but he wants her to be a bit more deep and share some of the dark. Caila seems offended by this. She tells Ben he is putting her on the spot and that this is very tough for her - it's like a battle between her heart and mind. This in turn makes Ben feel bad for putting Caila in an awkward position. Bravo have mastered the Jedi mind trick. It was like Caila knew she had to seem more complex in order to keep Ben hooked, so in turn she rattled off all these crazy things about how she was afraid she was going to hurt him, that she loved him, but couldn't open up yet, that her head and mind are much stuff that she seriously confused herself, Ben and me, but that weirdly turned Ben on. He literally said, "It's almost attractive that Caila can be confusing." See you in 6 months me, her confusion just wont be that attractive anymore. Caila gets the rose.

Back at the house Leah is still fuming. She says that the girls are telling her if she doesn't get a one on one date she is done and going home this week at the rose ceremony. When she realizes she is on the group date she decides it's time for action.

The group date card has everyone on there instead of Emily and Olivia - the lady who informed Ben of the Olivia drama and the culprit herself. Olivia seems fine with it though. As you all know, she's already Mrs. Ben Higgins in her mind.

At the group date things turn ugly. This was probably one of the most real group dates ever - if you ignore the fact that they were feeding swimming pigs. The ladies all show up to the date in their bikinis and crop tops making me miss my mid twenties. They catch a ride on a boat to an island where Ben has some pigs swim up to them for them to feed. This literally had me laughing out loud because at points it looked like these chicks were getting attacked from all sides by hungry swine.

But things took a turn for the awkward when Ben floats away with Lauren B. for some alone time. For the first time in any of the group dates, all these ladies feel like they have deep, real connections with Ben, but reality strikes when they see firsthand that he has deep connections with someone that is not them. The girls start to get a little closed off and Ben is feeling it from everyone. Ben goes to Jojo to get the low down. I feel like he trusts Jojo's perspective on situation and seems to go to her when times feel a little tough. He tries to spend time with everyone to bring up the morale and Leah uses her time complaining about how she didn't get any one on ones instead of trying to bond with Ben. Mistake number one. They move on to the cocktail portion of the date and a storm is a brewing, both literally and figuratively. Leah decides this is her last shot and she needs to make a move. She pulls Ben aside for the precious one on one time she has been complaining about and all of the sudden turns into some crazy, backstabbing, teenage girl and decides the only way to get the rose is by turning him against front runner Lauren B. She spends all her time planting seeds in Ben's head that Lauren isn't the same on the date as she is in the house. Ben immediately pulls Lauren B to ask her what is going on and she is as confused as ever. She doesn't even know how to defend herself because she can't think of one thing that she has done that could merit that accusation. She comes back out to the other girls crying about how she has no idea what is going on and all the girls pledge that they didn't say anything. Even Leah who swears she is not that kind of girl and would never call another girl out. The girls look suspicious. The night ends with single mom Amanda getting the rose although, I don't know what she did on that date to deserve it. Later that evening Leah can't let the situation be and decided to go sneak to Ben's room to spend some more alone time with him, but she made the fatal mistake of using all that time to bad mouth Lauren so Ben decided to send her home right there on the spot. Some girls just aren't cut out for this show.

Next was the two on one date. Olivia is very confident and feels as though she's got this in the bag. She is just going to have to babysit Emily anyway. Note to self they are the same age, but she feels so above Emily intellectually and food palate wise. Remember Olivia is very mature. She likes to read and talk about smart things. Emily's strategy for this date is to just act normal and let Olivia hang herself. Pretty smart for someone not on Olivia's intellectual level. On the date they ride out to a private island in the middle of a storm and get right to it. No fun and games. Ben pulls Olivia aside for some alone time where Olivia goes on and on about how great she is. She enjoys politics, religion, reading and then delivers her best line yet, "deep intellectual things are my jam". This girl sure is cocky. She then drops the L bomb. She loves Ben and she ain't afraid to say it. Ben sits there quietly taking it all in and in order to not seem rude, sealed the alone time with a kiss. He then spent some time with Emily where she let Ben know how much she is there for the right reasons and for him and that she wants to continue this journey of getting to know each other to see where this could go. That's all Ben needs...he has made his decision. He pulls crazy Olivia aside, rose in hand and in pure view of Emily and dumps her. He just doesn't see a future with her. He walks away from Olivia and offers Emily the rose, while Olivia watches on with the waves crashing behind her and the wind blowing her hair. We end the date with an epic drone shot of Olivia very lonely standing on the beach all alone as Ben and Emily ride off into the sunset together. PS - the entire time during that date I just kept thinking can't someone give Emily a scrunchie. I mean, Olivia had one, couldn't she share. Just one more reason Olivia needed to go home.

We are now at the rose ceremony and Ben decided he does't need a cocktail party. He's had enough crazy for one week. Everyone is on edge because they don't have their final moments to tell Ben the magical words that will keep them around one more week. Ultimately poor Lauren H. is sent home. She cried and couldn't understand how that could be, but us all at home know that there was nothing but the friend zone for those two.

The episode ends with a heart racing, edge of my seat promo for the final weeks. Can I say this may be the best bachelor season at least in the last 5 seasons?? I think so!


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