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How to cut the shoulder off your t-shirt

As I was getting ready for our Disneyland trip, I knew I wanted to add a little flavor to my shirt so I decided to cut the shoulder off to give me a more slouchy fit. This is a super easy way to add some pizzazz to any shirt so I decided to share a quick step by step guide on how to do that.

STEP ONE Pick the side you want to fall of your shoulder. For me I wanted the right side to fall off.


On the side you want to fall, make a mark, using either chalk or pins, at about the center from the neck bend to where the shoulder sleeve begins. So basically right in the center of where the shirt would lie when worn between the beginning of the elastic collar and the start of the sleeve seam. To be clear the beginning of the collar being the first seam of the collar when you are working your way up from the sleeve to the neckline (so the outer most part).

STEP THREE On the opposite side (the side you want to stay intake) make a mark right where the collar starts. Same thing as above. Beginning of the collar seam. When looking at the shirt it will be the outer seamline of the collar.

STEP FOUR Then make marks following the neckline from the mark on the side you want to stay intact around to the mark on the side you want to be off the shoulder making a slight curve to meet that mark. So you would follow the neckline close until you get to the side you want off the shoulder then you would start a curve to create the off the shoulder look. It will naturally happen when you draw the mark to meet the mark on the slouchy side.

STEP FIVE After you have your guidelines marked go ahead and cut the shirt following the marks.

STEP SIX Once cut, stretch the fabric a bit to loosen the fabric and get the off the shoulder feel.

Trust me it took me longer to write this then it did for me to do it. Next time I do this I will make a video or take photos to illustrate so that it's a bit clearer.

Happy cutting!

#DIY #Fashion

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