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The Bachelor - Week Five

First off this week really f'd up my Bachelor fantasy bracket....#damn. I must be reading bachelor Ben all wrong, or maybe there was just something in the water down there in Mexico. We start the episode with the girls getting whisked away on trip to Mexico. At least this year they are actually going to Mexico and not New Mexico. I do miss Megan and her confusion from last season's Bachelor though.

The ladies get to stay at the Four Season Hotel in Mexico City and I sure hope they were able to pull themselves away from the bidet for a little bit in order to try the hotels tortilla soup. I've had it and let me tell yeah, it is probably the best tortilla soup I've ever tasted, so they missed out if they just spent time getting acquainted with the bidet.

The first date card arrives and Amanda is anointed with the first one on one in Mexico City. Olivia doesn't understand how Ben would want to spend time with Amanda being that she has two small children. He mustn't want that burden in his life. I guess kids are a bad accessory in Olivia's mind. Cankles not so much. The following morning Ben surprises the girls at 4:30am to pick up Amanda. Everyone freaks out because they don't want him to see them in their true state. Poor Lauren H., she can't get over that he say her with her Regardless, the girl of the hour, Amanda, wakes up looking like she was ready to go. Totally refreshed, hair already with the beachy wave and a little gloss on her lips....good first impression. They proceed to drive out of the city to go hot air ballooning over an ancient city in Mexico. For dinner Ben and Amanda get down to it and discuss Amanda's past marriage and children. It was really hard for me to get to deep into it with her because every other word was "like"..."like" my daughters are "like" my best friends and "like" their dad just didn't want to "like" spend family time with us. It got to the point that Ben was saying like in every sentence as well. Regardless, they seemed to bond and Amanda got a rose.

The group date card comes and it's everyone minus Lauren H, remember retainer girl. She is stoked about finally get a one on one with Ben, while our two outspoken ladies, Olivia and Jubilee, aren't happy about having to share Ben on the group date. This group date is a bit awkward. They start out with Spanish class and Jubilee pulls a diva move by not wanting to get too close to Ben during their one on one class participation time. She continues with the ‘tude thru the second part of the date where they all have to be paired off at a market to buy ingredients for a local Mexican dish that they will prepare. Olivia scoops in and claims Ben as her partner, while the other girls get stuck with each other. Cue the trash talk. At the cook off, Ben is concerned about Lauren B and Jubilee because they don't look like they are having fun or getting along, but lo and behold they win the cook off.

At the cocktail party Ben is ready to mingle with all the girls, but not before Olivia can stake her claim and always be the first to have one on one time. She pulls him aside to continue their day of being together and trying to ignore his other 8 girlfriends. Ben eventually does get to spend some time with Lauren B. He takes her out of the hotel into the city for some flirty, romantic fun, but that doesn't sit well with Jubs. She is counting the minutes and can't believe they have been gone for 25 minutes. Once Ben gets back he grabs Jubilee for some alone time and the attitude continues. She refuses to hold his hand as they walk away and is playing the "i'm not that into you" card. Too bad Ben is reading right thru it and flips the script on her. After a long talk about her issues AGAIN, Ben basically let's Jubilee know that he doesn't see a future for her and asks to walk her out. Homegirl did not see that coming. I think she really thought the “tortured, hard to show feelings" act was going to get her far, but Ben is looking for someone who can open up and be in the moment and that is not Jubilee. Jojo sees the pain Ben was in from sending Jubilee home and pulls him aside to give him a pep talk and remind him how amazing he is. He appreciates that and shows that by sealing it with a kiss, but what she really wanted was that rose. To everyone's astonishment the rose went to Olivia. Huh? I guess they reconnected on this date and Ben wanted to solidify that with a rose. Everyone is left as confused as ever. I'm still confused.

On the last date of the episode, Lauren H and Ben head out to do some shopping. I can't get over how clearly these two are in the friend zone. At least on Ben's end, but i'll humor them with this date. After some fun shopping they are invited to participate in Mexico City's Fashion Week and walk in a runway show. Let me say this, goofy kindergarten teacher Lauren has got a body on her. Legs for days. Her and Ben strutted their stuff down the runway then end the night on a rooftop for dinner. The conversation was bland and I felt no chemistry at all, but somehow she got a rose.

We move on to the rose ceremony cocktail party. The ladies are all dressed to the nine's. Funny enough I almost bought that same dress Jojo was wearing, I just don't have a rose ceremony to wear it too. Emily (the evil twin) decides to make this her defining moment and spill the beans on how cray Olivia really is when he's not around. Olivia had just made a rude comment to Amanda about how her life reminds her of an episode of Teen Mom, which just shows us how young Olivia really is. Amanda takes offense to her comparing her to a train wreck of a TV show and Olivia does everything in order to clarify what she meant but she is done. Emily is on a mission to let Ben know that Olivia is insensitive, aggressive and rude. While Emily is giving Ben the low down, Olivia senses some trouble in paradise and interrupts them (because that's going to make it all better) to have some more alone time with Ben. During their alone time you can see his wheels turning and maybe he's realizing there is something to the madness. He decides to talk to a few other girls and get their opinion on Olivia. Amanda and Jen corroborate Emily’s views and Ben looks a bit betrayed. As the episode is about to end we see Ben call Olivia to confront her on his findings. Is this the first time in Bachelor history that a rose will be taken away or will Olivia talk her way out of this one? I guess we have to wait until next week to find out.


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