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UnREAL Season 2

Who's looking forward to UnREAL Season 2? I know I am.

I binged on the entire first season during a recent bout with the flu and couldn't believe I had to wait months for the next season. I went into season one thinking it would be a fluffy , satirical behind-the-scenes look at one of my favorite reality shows, but it turned out to be a little dark and much more witty than expected. I couldn't stop until I watched the entire season and that took about 48 hours.

Recently the creators of UnREAL opened up at the Television Critics Association press tour about season 2 of the show and gave all us fans a little to chew on while we wait for season two to premiere.

The show will still focus on the fictional Bachelore-esque dating show Everlasting. Quinn and Rachel are back to dive into another season of Everlasting and are NOT moving on to work on a spinoff of the show.

The biggest revelation was that season two's lead will be African American - something that the Bachelor has yet to tackle. Our new suitor will be Darius Hill, a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboy's who is in his mid-20s. I guess an athlete is more interesting then a financier or businessman, but I give the creators props for doing something that the Bachelor has notably stayed clear of and fans have been calling for. Casting is still underway for Darius and all his female love interests

Although I'm excited, my biggest question is, where's Adam?

All indications seem to be that Freddie Stroma will be back in some capacity as Adam to button up his story with Rachel (Shiri Appleby). Thank God because I definitely need closure on that relationship.

Season two goes into production in March for a summer premiere on LIFETIME. If you haven't watched the first season of “UnREAL," it will be available on Hulu on February 3rd.


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