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The Bachelor - Week Four

This episode begins with all the girls proclaiming how exhausted they are. Huh? All I see them doing is lounging around and being taken out on dates. I understand falling in love is their full time job, but man, if they are this exhausted now I'd love to see them in 10 years working and juggling two baby Ben Higgins. Regardless, they are starting to feel the reality of the "game". Friends are leaving and Ben is starting to make hard choices which is all making the house a bit more tense then usual. Caila feels like Jubilee is pulling away and she still can't tell the twins apart. Preach sister. I don't think anyone can tell them apart. While making my Bachelor Fantasy League picks this week I knew I wanted to send one of the twins home but I didn't know which was which. I eventually flipped a coin to help me make a decision. Whatever works. Anyway, our fearless host, Chris Harrison visits the girls to surprise them with the fact that they will all be going to Vegas to meet Ben. < Insert hysterical screaming > As you can imagine everyone is pumped for Vegas. Vegas Baby!!

They arrive in Vegas and get set up at the Aria with first class accommodations. The room has spectacular views of the city and Ben's upcoming date. Well played producers. The first date card arrives and Jojo is honored with an invitation to spend the day with Ben. The couple make their way to the top of a building (that must be their thing because that's where Jojo got her first kiss on the first group date) to share in a beverage and conversation. As they are getting to know each other their chariot arrives in the form of a helicopter. The helicopter is loud enough to get the ladies up off the couch (remember they are exhausted) and to the window of their suite to watch the festivities. As the helicopter lands and blows over the table and champagne (and PS almost blows up Jojo's flowy top), Ben and Jojo take that opportunity to kiss while all his other girlfriends watch from the comfort of their suite window. The couple take their helicopter for a ride over the city then to dinner where Jojo and Ben have what seems like a pretty normal and comfortable first date. The conversation was easy, there was no awkward pauses or touching...just exactly what you would hope for on a first date. Maybe not enough drama for a first date on TV, but the perfect first day in real life. They top the date off with a fireworks show just for them two, oh and their friends at the suite window, more kissing and a rose. By the way, what's up with all the helicopter and plane dates this season. Have they not heard about cars?

The group date card has everyone in the suite listed minus Jojo and Becca, who will be getting the other one on one date and was naturally thrilled. The girls are asked to perform a talent show in front of Ben and an audience of pressure at all. The twins and Jubilee have got this. They actually DO have talent. The twins prepare to perform their Riverdance while Jubilee gets to play the cello, the other girls scramble to find something to do. All I kept thinking was, what would my talent be if I just happened to be there? I do know how to play about 20 seconds of the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS theme on the piano. I wonder if that would impress Ben? These are important questions. Anwya, Olivia decides that her talent is dressing in a sequins bra and panty and jumping out of a cake while kicking her infamous legs awkwardly up and down the stage. Well, the pressure finally got to Olivia and we see her go into full panic mode. She's embarrassed after her failed performance and her insecurities are shining as bright as her sequined showgirl outfit. At the cocktail party she is awkward and obsessing on her performance. Ben has some one on one time with Caila, who he proclaims is a "sex panther"....I didn't know those existed. My high school mascot was a panther. I wonder if he was a sex panther. Weird. He also has some good alone time with Lauren B., which again felt natural and easy, although she did seem a bit tipsy and was looking for some reassurance, but there is an undeniable attraction there. Olivia spends her alone time with Ben apologizing to Ben about her performance and looking for compliments or reassurance that it wasn't as bad as she thought, but all I keep thinking about is how close she is to Ben's face and her breath. Poor Olivia. The night ends with Lauren B. receiving the date rose and Olivia as confused as ever.

Becca's date start with a delivery of a white wedding dress that she's got to wear on the date. Jubilee finally speaks in this episode and drops the truth. She states there is no one better to wear the dress then Becca since she is a virgin. Truth number 1. Then she states that she's been a virgin for 26 years and there is no way she is going to lose it on a 6 hour date so she's not worried. Truth number 2. Thank you Jubs. The date takes Becca to a Vegas chapel where Ben gets down on one knee to ask Becca to help him marry people. He is ordained after all. After Becca's fake excitement they go on to perform a few vegas style weddings. Did anyone else see the awkward kiss that Ben and Becca had after the first wedding they performed? Well I did! The date continues at a museum where a bunch of neon signs go to die or get refurbished. During their alone time Ben gets down to business and asks Becca if she's ready to commit. Can she feel love? Does she have any emotion WHAT SO EVER? I mean I do like Becca but she comes off so cold and unexpressive, like you don't know where you stand with her. I must admit she is much warmer this season and I have to believe it's because she actually does have feelings for Ben and that there was nothing there with her and the farmer. She was just going along for the ride then and thankfully got off right before it got ugly. With Ben she can see a future and can feel love. Ben felt her sincerity and off Becca went, rose in hand.

Finally as we are all preparing for a rose ceremony Chris drops the bomb that Ben wants to have a two on one with the twins. He needs to make a decision here and what better place to do it then in their hometown where they will have their mom to comfort them. Ben takes the twins to their home to visit their mom and dogs. Ben gets to see how the girls live, which includes tours of their bedrooms (photos of ex boyfriends and all). After talking to their mom he knows what he has to do and sends Haley home, after Emily threw Haley under the bus. There is always an evit twin, isn't there. After all that, I still don't know which one is which, but my coin didn't steer me in the wrong direction and Emily stayed. Phew.

At the rose ceremony, Jenn makes a move and snags Ben for the first one on one time before Olivia could get in there. She hasn't had any time with Ben in a while and needs to be aggressive. All the girls understand, minus Olivia, who gives her three minutes before stealing him away. Olivia still isn't over the "popping out of the cake" incident and makes light of it by serving Ben some cake. What I don’t get is why none of the girls give Olivia a taste of her own medicine and interrupt her one on one time with Ben. All the girls get their final time in and Ben decides to not give a rose to Amber and Rachel. No surprise there since we haven't really seen much of a connection with Rachel and Amber just doesn't have the Bachelor fairy dust that is needed to find love. She is 0-3 and maybe needs to try her hand at finding love the old fashioned way.

Next week the circus makes their way to Mexico and leaves the lights of Vegas behind. Can’t wait to see what fun that will bring. Until next week.


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