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The Bachelor - Week Three

Week three of the Bachelor brought us some surprises and can we say, "The most intense rose ceremony of the season". What a great way to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, then to hang with all the ladies and hear about their dreams. Their dreams of becoming the future Mrs. Ben Higgins. We start off with a glimpse in at Lauren B. and Amanda talking about Queen Bee, Olivia, and how she spent $40k on clothes. Hold up. $40k. How much do news anchors in Austin, Texas make? The girls are just not vibing with Olivia. They think she's a mean girl hiding in a hyper camera aware body who knows how to play the game. I don't disagree. She is a news anchor and knows how to turn it on - be it the charm or the crazy. Luckily, Lauren B. gets the first one on one of the week and finally has the chance to rekindle that instant attraction her and Ben shared at the first cocktail party. Ben decides to take Lauren out on a biplane for the date, betting on the fact that she enjoys air travel since she is a flight attendant. Lauren seems a little nervous about the size of the plane but once Ben tells her he is taking her on a magical carpet ride (yes he thinks he's Aladdin) all is well. They end up in a remote desert of sorts to romantically soak in a hot tub. No not odd at all, but all I could focus on while they were hot tubbing was the fact that Lauren B. doesn't really have an upper lip. Somehow it takes me to our farmer bachelor Chris Soules and how they would have made a cute couple.

Back at the house Caila is having a conversation with Jojo about the process and I think it finally hits her that she's on a dating show where she is dating one guy along with all her friends. The tears flow as she overtakes the convo and leaves Jojo speechless as she watches her basically talk to herself.

The group card arrives and the only people not on the card are Caila (she had a one on one last week), Becca and Jubilee. Jub's starts to freak at the fact that she has no chance to get the one on one date. Paranoia setting in early with this bunch. At this point I realize there has been little to no Lace on this episode and I start to grow concerned.

For the group date the ladies head out to play america's favorite past The girls break up into two teams - stars and stripes and fight to the death since the winning team gets to move on to the evening cocktail party while the others take the limo back to the mansion. Olivia states that she is going to be aggressive for this one. Girl, no need. You are the definition of aggressive on every date. The game starts and the ladies do their with the MVP going to goalie Emily on the star team. This twin was trying to spereate herself from her sister by showing her athletic side. Unfortunately, the star team loses at sudden death and the Stripes team, with Amber kicking the winning goal, moves on to enjoy the rest of the date. The cocktail party gets a bit catty as Olivia, who remember stated she WILL be aggressive, doesn't let Ben finish his opening hello to the ladies before she steals him off to a hotel room a few floors above the cocktail party. Well, the ladies take that opportunity to discuss Olivia's toes (they are not cute) and her breath (apparently its foul, but it hasn't stopped Ben from a few make out sessions) to questioning if she's had a boob job. Don't y'all have boob jobs? Olivia gets wind of the criticism and proclaims, "Perfection is so lame" is lame Olivia, isn't it? The date ends with Amber getting the rose and finally feeling noticed, but don't sweat, Ben let Olivia know that they are a-ok and she's still his number one girl by pushing off her leg with his hand before leaving. Bring on the crazy.

The second one on one date goes to Jubilee despite her earlier claims that she isn't Ben's type. She broke down thinking her complicated self wasn't someone Ben could see himself with, but he surprised her and us with the one on one date. The date starts off awkward. You can tell that Jub's is nervous, as anyone would be on a first date with someone they really like. She let's the awkwardness come out in sarcastic jokes that rub the other ladies the wrong way. The ladies get offended by Jubilee joking about someone else taking her date in the helicopter since she is scared of heights. Have the ladies never said something in a moment of insecurity that they regret? Guess not. The date continues with them landing at a wellness spa for some fun and relaxation. Both Jubilee and Ben try caviar for the first time and as Ben decides he likes it, Jubilee in her true self can't swallow the stuff and has a genuine moment with Ben, instead of pretending that she's sophisticated and can handle the fish eggs. While having some food they have an honest and open conversation. They get deep into why she hasn't gone back to Haiti and she lets him know that he feels guilty since she is the only person in her family to be alive and needs a strong partner to be there with her for her first visit back. Ben and Jubilee connect on a humane level. It's real. They are uncomfortable at times together and at others feel right at home. This is probably the most real date Ben has had on this journey and he gives Jubilee the rose and is looking forward to spending more time with her.

Ben shows up at the Rose Ceremony in a bit of a subdued manner after learning that two family friends had passed away in a plane crash. All the ladies look worried and are chomping at the bit to console him, but before you know it Olivia has pulled him aside. While we all hope Olivia is going to show her sensitive side, she takes this opportunity to address her cankles and with tears in her eyes expresses how she hates her legs and that their have been blogs written about her cankles. I really couldn't make this up. The look Ben gives her leads me to believe that maybe just maybe he's finally seen the self absorbed Olivia, but only time will tell. Jubilee on the other hand is trying to figure out something nice to do for Ben since he is in pain. The other ladies have been feeling a distance from Jubilee since she came back from her date and her being off on her own planning how to make Ben feel better is only pissing them off more. Once they see that she pulls Ben away to relax him with a non threatening massage the collective anger erupts and Amber leads the charge by trying to get Jubilee to come to the living room to be confronted by a group of the ladies. Jubilee escapes to her room where Ben follows her to comfort her. Amber can't let good enough alone, I mean you have a rose for god sakes just look pretty tonight, and goes upstairs to let Jubilee know that they just wanted to let her know they were hurt by her comments about someone else taking the date. All this does is set up Ben to think that Jubilee is being bullied and pushes him even more into her arms. What a way for Jubilee to celebrate MLK day, huh?

With little time left we finally get to see our friend Lace pull Ben aside. She's not looking to great and let's Ben know that she needs to work on herself before she can love and be loved. Pretty heavy stuff for her to come with that late in the game, but she decides to self evict. Not sure if she was hoping he would tell her not to go, but homeboy had a lot on his plate tonight and couldn't focus.

This leads us to Ben handing out his roses and Shushanna and Jami are left rose-less. Olivia is handed the last rose of the night, but Ben telepathically let her know that he was saving the best for last. I wish they would close caption their secret language conversation on the screen so I could keep up.

Next weekend the crew head to Vegas. Unfortunately the old credo, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" won't apply here-thank god!


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