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Layla's Baptism

Our baby girl was baptized over the holiday break. I was lucky enough to baptize her at my childhood church up in San Jose surrounded by family. Just like her big brother Jagger was in 2013 and her mama was way back in 1979. Sadly, our family had experienced a tragic loss the week of Christmas so out of respect we decided to keep the affair small and not throw a big party. Regardless it was perfect for our little Layla Jean.

The baptism took place at 2:30pm and I've got to say, I was a little worried about Layla. She had been experiencing some major "stranger danger" while we were up in San Jose and I figured she would want nothing to do with the priest or anyone trying to hold her for photos. Of course our baby girl surprised us and couldn't of been in any better spirits. She smiled and giggled throughout the entire ceremony. So much so that the priest commented on how she was probably one of the happiest babies he ever baptized. GO GIRL!

We ended the night at my parents home enjoying some family time and celebrating life.

I ordered a custom cake from a great baker up in San Jose named Nicole from Sweets by Design. She did such an amazing job and was so helpful putting my vision together. If anyone ever needs anything up in the Bay Area definitely hit her up.

Time is definitely flying by. We've got to live each moment and soak in all these milestones.


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