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Holiday Card Shoot

Oh the holidays!

We all convince ourselves how much we love them - the food, decor, hanging with the family, but in reality the holidays are such a hectic time that it all can get really overwhelming taking away from the magical shine. The one thing that stresses me out every year is getting our holiday cards done in a timely fashion and making sure they are unique and adorable. I usually get some photo insipiration by scouring Pinterest (I have to admit, i'm a bit Pinterest obsessed), looking thru magazines, instagram, etc. This year I wanted to create a living room on the beach near our home - tree and all. Easy right? I started gathering all the props around Thanksgiving - ordered a tree from Amazon, bought some decorations at the local dollar store and got some pillows and blankets from my favorite place TARGET! I was set. It felt like for the first time in 3 years I was going to get my card photo shoot done earlier than ever, but the universe had different plans. The week we were going to shoot our photos my son Jagger had a 104.7 fever for 3 days that spiked up to 105.7, so yeah, no photos - more like a run to the emergecncy room. Scary to say the least. We waited until Jagger felt better but of course that put us behind schedule. We promised ourselves we would get in and out within an hour. Handling a 2.5 and 8 month old means you have limited time of non fussiness to get things done. The shoot was DIY so the hardest part was lugging all the stuff to the beach. Even though we live 3 blocks from the water, we still looked like a bunch of crazies lugging a Christmas tree, presents and ornaments to the beach while wearing a long red gown and suits. Once we got there and set up we snapped away in hopes of getting the "one". After a few meltdowns, we decided to wrap up and take what we got. Out of the 100 or so photos we settled on one and couldn't be any happier. What do you think? All I know is next year we are definitley going to take holiday photos before the Thanksgiving holiday to be super prepared.....yeah, right!


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